Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flip flopping

Today is Wednesday, but for now pretend it is Thursday.  Tomorrow will be Wednesday. 

Why, you may ask?  I've been busting butt trying to research for a paper I have to write up this week and haven't had an opportunity to post the twins' 3rd birthday pics for Wordless Wednesday, so instead you have a Thursday post.  Got it?  Ok, just pretend you get it. 

So.... Talking Thursday

Addy:  "This is a start and it's as beautiful as you are."

Eligh:  "I need toilet paper!!!!"
Mommy:  "Did you poop?"
Eligh:  "I can't see my butt."

Addy:  "Daddy is the most awesome."

Kinsley:  "Daddy, I want to be a lady.  I want to be a lady!!!" 

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