Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - very, very random

  • Addy is excited every day to go to school with absolutely no hesitation.  I'm happy that she is adjusting so well, but I would be lying if I didn't feel a tad bit sad that she is soooo excited to go.
  • I have gotten into a routine of walking 2 miles pushing the twins in their stroller at one of the park trails which is paved and hilly.  It is a workout and the twins love it.  Yesterday and today I didn't go walking so I could clean and pack before heading out of town for the weekend and Eligh made sure to tell his teacher and daddy that we did not go walking.  My bad. and
  • We lost another fish this week and finally had to tell Addy that "she" died and went to fishy heaven.  Her response, "Oh ok, to be with her other fishy friends?"  Of course. 
  • Now we have four of the same sized fish along with our sucker fish after this.  Any guesses on all their names? 
  • I was very over cooking this week and did minimal planning and made simple meals.  The weekend away from cooking will be nice. 
  • I am currently allowing the trio to skip a nap today as we will be in the car later this afternoon for a 6 hour drive and am hoping (fingers crossed) they will all fall asleep at some point.  
  • Yesterday a boy in Addy's class was waiting to go into the classroom while I had all three of mine next to me holding hands.  The little boy started poking and pushing at Eligh while the mom looked on.  I was dumbfounded and didn't say anything like I should have and instead Eligh told the boy, "Stop pushing me, boy!"  
  • Addy came home with a green card today (which means she was good) but she told me she took a little boy's letter stick and had to sit on time out, but she told him she was sorry.  When I inquired about it she said she was sorry and we talked about how sad it is when people take things from each other.  I'm really hoping all these boys' behaviors don't start rubbing off on her. 
  • I am debating what to do with Kinsley and an activity.  She could go straight into gymnastics it's about $7 more a month, or simply keep her name on the wait list for dance with Addy.  Opinions?
  • I think this is long enough for the week.  
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  1. --AWESOME that Addy is loving school and has adjusted so well.
    --2 miles a day pushing twins UP and down hills?? Girl, you're a rockstar!
    --GRRRR for parents who watch but don't do a darn thing when their kid is bullying another child.
    --(Old post)--We made "Puppy Chow" the last week of summer vacation...sooooo yummy!
    --Sorry if you've posted already and I missed it...have you received any word how long the "wait" might be for K to be in dance with A? Does she have a gymnastics versus dancing preference?

  2. Ugh...I totally would have said something to that kid, but I have realized that parents with older kids sometimes don't think those things are that big of a deal (grammatically correct? I think not).

    I enrolled the Crazies in Tae Kwon Do...I can't freaking wait!!!


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