Sunday, September 18, 2011


Lunch time jokes:

"When I was a milk a baby, I drank milk."  

"When I was a piece of pizza..."

"When I was an ice cream cone..."

"When I was an egg, I became a duck."

"When I was a baby, I was a tooda."

Do you know what is even funnier?

Pretending to play catch with an imaginary ball. 

(After each "joke," you have to scream and fall over with laughter.  You just must!)


  1. Have you heard this one?

    When I was a baby I had a diiiaaaaapppppeeerrrrr.

    Hilarious, right?

  2. Hahaaaaaaaa...they are hysterical!

    Our latest is either screaming "SNURP!!!" and falling over with laughter.

    Or "what do you call it when a kitty cat sings a song?" MEOW-SIC (that one is actually pretty good)


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