Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drug lessons

Lesson 1:

I was at the store buying about two bags worth of stuff.  When the cashier rang me up the age requirement popped up and I was slapped with shock.  Huh?  What did I buy that needed my age. booze, no porn, no dirty music, no R rated movies....hmmm.
 Me:  Why did that pop up?
Cashier:  Oh, for the cold medicine.
Me:  Oh, I forgot about all that.
Cashier:  Yeah, people take this (named the specific drug) and mix it with (another specific chemical) and make meth. 
Me:  Ummm....ok, then. I guess I'll never understand people.
Cashier:  Well, you just never know what people are going through.
Me:  Well, there are a million other ways to make yourself happy that do not include drugs.
I left pissed off. 

Lesson 2:
The kids were discussing what bunnies eat at the dinner table.  
Addy:  Bunnies eat carrots, right?
Me:  Yes, they do.
Addy:  I don't like carrots. 
Kinsley and Eligh:  I don't like carrots too.
Me:  Ok, you don't have to like them. 
Addy:  Bunnies eat grass sometimes, too.
Me: Yes, they do.
Eligh:  I don't like grass.
Me:  You remember that.  You do NOT like nor will like grass, ok?
Eligh:  Ok, mommy. 
I ended dinner feeling accomplished. 

It's never too early to discuss drugs, right?  


  1. Okay so this cashier basically told how to make meth, and then said it was okay if you are "going through something" WOW nice

    And that dinner convo never too young never ever :)

  2. Wow! I would have been wondering if the cashier makes meth! Though I'm sure they probably learned that in some kind of training thing. "Customer Service 101: What makes up Meth"

    And it is never too early to talk about drugs. Though I think that may be confusing to younger kids, and may discourage taking medicine.

  3. It's amazing what the internet can teach kids now (like how to make drugs). So scary.

  4. I was carded buying primer for the car. It never fails to amaze me...


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