Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Introduction of the tattler

We have entered the age of tattle taling (sp?), narcing (sp?), what ever you want to call it, with Addy.  For example an excerpt from tonight. 

I left with my mom to run to the store for an hour. 

I got situated on the couch, and Addyson sat down next to me and her jabber mouth started. 
Addy: Mommy, daddy yelled at us. 
Mommy:  Why did daddy tell at you?  Did you do something bad?
Addy:  We were playing with our puzzles and Eligh wanted to play with the motorcycle puzzle, but daddy said (now comes her daddy voice) No, Eligh you can't play with that puzzle it's too hard downstairs, you have to go upstairs.  But, Eligh said NOOOO I don't want to.  So then daddy made us clean up and then he was all better.  
Mommy:  Hmm...I'm glad daddy got better.
Addy:  So, then I took a bite out of my hamburger, climbed on my chair, and then Eligh and Kinsley (while walking from the couch to the ottoman to the couch again) started doing this.  That's bad.  
Mommy:  If it is bad, then why are you doing it right now?
Addy:  I was just showing you (of course it was accompanied with a smart ass grin).

I better be extra careful with what I say and do or she is going to tattle on me.  


  1. Ha... reminds me of when the little ones tattle about hearing a bad word and repeat it themselves while telling the story!

  2. omg...this is starting in our house and while it's kind of cute, i still find it mildly annoying at the same time.

    okay, here's the question...will you encourage the tattling because it gets you information? or will you discourage it because no one likes a tattler?

  3. Let the fun begin! I am just happy when my hubby was supposed to clean the house while I was gone and he said he was playing the kids and didnt get much done.. Kylie told on him that he played xbox all day thats why he didnt clean... so sometimes I like when she tattles.

  4. Let the games begin ;-) It is interesting to see their perspective!

  5. My kids tattle on me all the time. Of course, a lot of times they make it sound a lot worse than it really was. They also tattle on each other, and even on themselves quite often. I have a hard time punishing them when they tattle on themselves. It's good to teach them to tell the truth by not punishing when they tattle on themselves, right?????


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