Thursday, March 3, 2011

Potty mouth

We have entered a new stage in the House of Chaos and I do not like it one tiny little bit. We have entered the game of "The Potty is Fun to Play in as well as all Words Associated with It" (is that a long enough title?). 

Here is a list of words that currently spew from my three:


After each word, or if any of the words are said by anyone in the house the three of them all chime in with, "Ewwwwwww" and then bust up laughing. What in the world is so fascinating about the use of such potty words? It is making me insane and threats of eating soap have entered our vocabulary (don't worry we would never do such a thing).

I think the twins are trying to tell me that I need to stop putting off potty training and just get rid of the diapers. (Seriously, I'm just not motivated or ready to do it).


  1. Ha. Potty mouth doesn't bug me - when Cam farts, he laughs and says 'My butt is talkin'!". Cracks me up every time. And them I make him say excuse me.

  2. Potty talk is a big hit around here too :)

  3. Sadly, I think all kiddos go through a "potty mouth" stage. Kudos to you for tolerating 3 doing it at once! :)

  4. Potty trainins sucks! I think that hell might just be having to continually potty train a toddler.

  5. Bo is in this stage too. Drives me crazy!


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