Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some growth stats

Since I don't have children who are considered babies anymore, the frequency of doctor's visits depend solely on them being sick or in pain. I much rather preferred visiting the doctor on happier terms and so do the bambinos. When we loaded everyone up and told them where we wwre ging we instantly heard, "I don't want Shots!!!" or, "I don't want to go to the Doctor!!!"

This makes for a fun 30 minute drive, and caused the hubby to make a promise of milkshakes for good behavior without consulting mommy first.

A load of new patient paperwork multiplied by three, a lot of questions, and shouting over three spastic monkeys wore me OUT!!!!

Some stats on the three since it has been a while:

Addy: 40.5 inches tall - 75th percentile, 33 pounds - 25th percentile. Title - String bean and definitely jealous of her lengthy structure.

Kinsley: 37 inches tall - 85th percentile, 32 pounds - 85th percentile. Title -The Beast

Eligh: 32 inches tall - 75th percentile, 27 pounds - 15th percentile. Title - The Runt

As exhausting all of that was, we all left happy with the new doctor. Even grumpy-faced old man, Eligh, was laughing and even gave the doctor a high five. We were described as the room full of energy with an adorable family (aka - don't let their cuteness fool you, and bring your earplugs if you have to enter the room).

Most importantly, daddy kept his promise and he learned a valuable lesson - do not give Kinsley a milkshake in a vehicle. Any guesses on what we saw when we parked the van?


  1. I just had to measure my kids for wedding clothing...I know we are about 6 months behind you but you definitely have tall kids!

    Lizzie 92 cm, approx. 3 ft, 36.22 in
    Emily 80 cm, 2.62 ft, 31 in
    Alex 84.5 cm, 2.77 ft, 33.27

  2. Yay for milestones! And super yay for liking the new doc!

    My guess---an upside-down milkshake on the seat of the car?

  3. Wow- those stats are amazing. Three totally different genes going on there... well, not different, but you know, different combinations :)
    I have a feeling my girls will be much like yours though!

  4. love it!!!! i so want to know about the milkshake!


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