Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I have a love/hate relationship with naps.  I do know that if all three nap in separate locations 2 out of 3 will definitely nap.  Lately, it has been Eligh who I'm fighting to nap.  One day he'll poop three times in a matter of an hour or so (all while supposed to be napping) another day he'll be out for 2 hours.  
  • My mom arrived Tuesday afternoon and is leaving Sunday.  
  • The kids are loving their grandma time and one particular soon to be 4 year old is getting even more extra attention.  
  • This week I had to return my week old computer because the screen broke, but it was an even exchange.  Phew. 
  • I finished my first class on Monday and received a 99%.  Want to know why I lost one measly point?  A group project paper.  I despise group projects, because I can't let go of control and hate waiting on people. 
  • Yesterday the kids' new wood table and chair set arrived as well as our treadmill.  
  • I can't wait to get into a routine with running again.  It's been way too long.
  • I got my Xray results back from my foot - nothing shows up.  What the hell is wrong with my foot?  It hurts more times than not when I simply walk, it's only the top of the foot, and feels like it is bruised.  Oh, and it has been going on for several months. 
  • Addy had her first eye appointment this week and she did pretty awesome with holding her head straight, getting the puff in the eye, and all.  
  • And Addy is now registered for t-ball.  Our first meeting is on her birthday, and during normal dinner time. 
  • Tomorrow I'm gearing up for some major outlet shopping with my mom and I'm sure I will end the evening beyond exhausted.   She is a shopping freak.  
  • Please stop by and continue to give love, hugs, and prayers for Jen and her family. 
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  1. Have fun with your Mama!!!

    Have you gotten an MRI on your foot? Husband had a lot of issues with his foot and some stretches and a brace and it got much better.

    Hooray for girls in t-ball!!!!!

  2. Yep, group projects suck. Although, I just made my students do one.

    Enjoy your time with your mom!


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