Thursday, March 17, 2011

Questions for two

This warmer weather and homework has taken up the majority of my time.  We are leaving tomorrow afternoon after Cody gets off of work to make another trip up to Illinois, but this time we will be heading back with the last of our belongings.  It will be a super quick trip.  Leave tomorrow, and come back to Missouri Sunday.  Sometime next week my mom is coming to visit, which the kids will be thrilled about.

The point of this post is I would like each of you to ask me, Cody or the both of us a question.  Saturday we will be celebrating the lucky 7 (or I just adore this number) anniversary. This will be our 4th anniversary that we have not been separated by nearly 7,000 miles, and simply being together is enough for us. 

Fire away.


  1. This is to both of you: what is your favorite thing about the other? (first response! Don't edit yourself)

  2. And hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

  3. For both of you: since seven it is (Congratulations!!!), what are your favorite seven memories through the years (and you can count each kid separately or as "one" if you'd like- I imagine that is probably up there ;)

    Also, is life today what you thought it would be, back then?

  4. What do you do to stay connected to one another, especially since you've spent so much time apart?

    And, happy anniversary :)


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