Sunday, October 16, 2011

What do you DO with your kiddos?

My kids are doers rather than sitters.  Yep, totally made those words up, but I'm going with them, so deal with it.  Here is a rundown of our day today:
  • Eligh and Kinsley get in our bed at 6:55 a.m. (I like 7 am so much better)
  • We snuggle with the twins until they get too antsy 
  • Head downstairs 
  • Addy comes darting out of her room to join us 
  • I get the kiddos drinks
  • Daddy gets each child their own breakfast request
  • I make coffee and give the kiddos their drinks
  • Kiddos sit down to eat
  • Daddy and I make our breakfast
  • Daddy and I sit down while the kiddos finish eating
  • 8 am the kiddos want to play in their dry-erase workbooks (best idea ever)
  • 9 am daddy volunteers to get the kiddos out of the house so I can pay bills, balance the checkbook, check on school work, start laundry, etc. 
  • 10 am I finish all my items on the to-do list, daddy and the kiddos come back, we all load up and go to another playground with bikes in the back
  • 10 - 11 am Kids ride bikes and play at the playground, daddy and I play a game of P-I-G
  • 11 am we decide to pick up Paws and go to the dog bark
  • Addy's best bud from school and her family happen to be at the dog park, as well 
  • 11:30 We head home and make lunches
  • 12:30 Kiddos head up for naps
  • Daddy watches football, mommy works on homework
  • 2:30 Eligh wakes up and insists on playing with all his Cars cars
  • 2:45 Addy wakes up and wants to play with her puzzle mat and fairies
  • 3:00 Kinsley wakes up and we all head outside
  • Kids play with neighborhood kids, roller coaster, tractor, bikes, leaves, etc
  • 5:15 pm head in for dinner
  • 6:15 pm I give each kid their own bath while daddy washes dishes
  • 6:45 Daddy and the girls give Paws a bath
  • 7:00 head upstairs to read the kiddos stories, tuck in, kisses, hugs, and finally bedtime
These kiddos are non-stop.  How about yours?  Do you feel you are providing constant entertainment, switching from one activity to the next, OR do your kiddos mostly play on their own?


  1. In our house, Tot wants to go outside non-stop and Bean wants to stay inside reading and playing with her dolls. They both want what they want, but it's never the same thing.

  2. You have a busy but nonetheless a great day with your twins. For sure all your worries will fade upon looking at your adorable twins.

  3. Tell me more about these dry-erase workbooks please.

    I should outline our much!


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