Monday, October 10, 2011

Kind of a perfect moment Monday in an odd way

I took Addy for a play date instead of a nap today while daddy stayed home to let the twins nap. 

Text:  Eligh has the sickness now.  
Oh no!  What did he do?
Text:  Vomit in bed...All over bed...Cleaning now and going to clean room in a sec
Oh no. 
Text: Kins seems fine as of now.  YAY!
I'm sorry I'll head home.  
Text:  Your fine play....I got these guys.  
I feel bad. 
Text:  I just wanted you to know was all.  You're fine now play. 

Say what?!  I didn't have to rush home and handle the throw up and sick kiddos?  It has a couple days past a year since Cody came home from Iraq and I still amazed at how much WE do equally. 


  1. That's a mighty mighty good man, and a good partnership.

    I'll try to remember to add this to October's Perfect Moment Mondays on 10/24. So glad you're living mindfully!

    And wishing wellness for your whole household.

  2. It's so nice to have found a decent man, right? That's awesome (not the sick...the husband).

  3. I am here from October's Perfect Moment Monday post on Lori's blog and I really enjoyed your post. That's so great that your husband and you work together so well! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Visiting from PMM. What a great moment! So glad your hubby let you stay while he took care of the ick at home.

    He's definitely a keeper! Thanks for sharing.

  5. From Perfect Moment blog--reminded me of how my husband helps with the kids. You are so lucky!! Especially to have him clean up vomit!

  6. Visiting from PMM.

    That man is a keeper! It is wonderful to know that you're part of a team when parenting, isn't it? Though, I confess, I'm a little jealous that he cleaned up the ickiness. My husband is very weak-stomached and would have instead been contributing to the ickiness if that happened to him. hehe

  7. Here from PMM...

    Glad that he's such an equal partner and also glad that he's home with you now!

  8. What a wonderful exchange. What's really wonderful is the foundation of parenting equality that it rests on. Truly an inspiration! I hope my partner and I can get there some day.


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