Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend leftovers

I totally missed Friday night leftovers, and did not even post.  I will never understand how so many of you fellow bloggers are able to blog every day.  This weekend was BUSY, so here's a rundown:

  • Thursday I kept Addy home from school for the first time as she had a fever the night before and it continued through the night and the morning.  
  • My mom arrived late Thursday night to spend the weekend here. 
  • Addy and Kinsley got to bunk up together and they begged to do it again. 
  • We went to an indoor playground on Friday.  
  • Eligh would not even go in the playground until after he finished eating because he was scared of two older boys who were loud and obnoxious.  
  • By the time Eligh finished eating, the two boys left.
  • Then, my mom took the kiddos to buy not one, but two toys.Sigh. 
  • We then ended the day at an outdoor playground.  
  • Saturday the kids made Halloween cookies with Grandma.  
  • We then headed to a Pumpkinfest instead of a pumpkin farm, which was perfect.  
  • Now my three won't stop asking if they can go on the go-cars.
  • We then spent the afternoon on an adventure.  (pictures to come this week)
  • It was a non-stop busy, but fun, weekend with very little time to spare.  
  • I just turned in my very first late assignment.  New class, new due dates, and I assumed they would be the same.  My mistake. 
  • All three of the kiddos are still coughing.  
  • Now, I get to spend the week playing catch up.

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  1. I'm with you on the crazy busy days. I force myself to blog because I'm worried that if I miss a day I'll just stop all together.
    The past week and a half have been madness around here.


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