Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - wishing for a Halloween celebration

  • I have mentioned on a couple occasions how much I dislike Kinsley's dance studio and teacher, and this week definitely dug this attitude even deeper.  One of the other moms dropped her daughter out of the class immediately after class and at least one other mom is going to put in a withdrawal form.  I'm just deciding when.  
  • Kinsley is going to hate me, because she loves the idea of dance, but this teacher is not going to work for me.  
  • Addy got her dance recital outfit this week.  So fun and cute!
  • Last weekend my mom visited and this weekend my brother, sil, and their four kids will be here. 
  • I get to meet my newest niece who is a little over a month old.  Baby loving here I come. 
  • How many of your tots and kiddos get to wear costumes or celebrate Halloween at school?  
  • I'm bummed that Addy can't.  
  • Today I finally tried out another open gym with all three as Addy didn't have school today and I am definitely going to take the twins every now and then while Addy is at school.  
  • That's all I have this week. 
Stop by our host, Danifred, to see what others are bringing this week, I'm sure they have something worth reading.  


  1. Okay, to have people dropping after the class sounds major. It sucks that she loves it so much but hopefully you can find her something else in the future.

  2. Oddly enough, the school system were we live still allows Halloween celebrations. Last Friday Tot got to wear her costume to school. I don't know of any other school system around us who still allows that so it's kind of cool.

    I have the same issue going on with the studio where Tot used to go. There aren't many choices, I hate the teacher/ owner, but I want to put Bean in a class. Ugh.

  3. That sucks about the there another studio that will allow you to enroll? Sounds like there are big issues with that instructor.

    The Crazies weren't allowed to wear costumes to preschool b/c they might scare the little ones...lame-o.


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