Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Thirteen

  • Thirteen long years ago, Cody and I officially started dating.  I was a month shy of 16 and he 17.  It happened after a three hour long conversation about who the hell knows what.  
  • Hubby was sick with the crud I had earlier this week.  
  • I had to take Eligh to basketball vs. daddy.  Three to five year old tots attempting to dribble is hysterical.  One of the drills involved the tots dribbling the ball up and down the court.  Eligh cannot dribble nor could many.  I don't understand the logic of the drills, but we tried.  
  • Kinsley thinks every day is dance class day and she gets very upset when I have to tell her no.  
  • Addy and I took Paws in to be groomed and he looked like a completely different dog.  Addy didn't believe it was Paws for a good 15 minutes.  
  • We have new neighbors in our little culdesac, yet we are still the only ones who are ever outside with our kiddos.  And, we are the only ones who have Halloween decorations up. They are lame if you ask me.  
  • We have watched the Lion King about 13 times this week.  
  • Weekend plans involve playing catch up on house work, laundry, and a couple assignments.  Exciting, huh?
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  1. i am so in need of catching up on housework, yet I lack the time, energy or desire. instead I choose to live in filth.

  2. OMG...Lion King...

    I think that's why they make those classes for Daddies...Mommies are constantly seeking logic.

  3. Good for you guys and your awesome relationship. Here in our house, it's the Toy Story movies that I can't watch one more flippin time.


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