Sunday, October 9, 2011

Totally random question

As some of you remember, I had my first dental work experience not too long ago. 

Well.....ever since having the two partial fillings completed, the one on my right side will send shocks through it with certain items.  I was told this could happen.  This weekend, though, it has gotten worse.  I took a drink of water Saturday morning and you would have thought I was having a stroke on the right side of my body. 

Until I can call the dentist and get in, I have started using straws to drink to prevent liquid of any temperature touching this tooth as well as chewing on the left side only.  I asked Cody if he chewed on both sides when eating and he informed me that he has always used one side only.  Say what?!

Do you only use one side of your mouth when chewing?  Are you like me who rotates turns chewing on either side of your mouth?  Seriously, next time you are eating pay attention and share. 


  1. I almost exclusively use my left side because my right side is super sensitive to texture and temperature.

  2. I rotate, but I have jaw pain most days (thank you, stress), so that's why! Hope you feel better soon...

  3. hmmm.. I will tell you that I have had lots of dental history. I had a tooth a lot like yours. Usually the sensitivity goes away after a few weeks, but if it doesn't, (and it's really sensitive to hot/cold and more of the shooting pain variety) could be that the filling is close to the nerve. I had two root canals for this reason.

    Then there's regular sensitive teeth, yep, I got that too. And I do favor one side.

  4. I chew on both sides. And, I don't know why I know this odd fact about myself.


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