Monday, October 17, 2011

Infertility strikes another

Today is my younger sister's 27th birthday.  The kiddos made a couple birthday videos of them singing to her, which she loved, and I talked to her for a little bit as well.

And then I get the text:  "We can't have kids.  (Insert husband's name) had his appointment today and there is nothing they can do to help him produce any sperm." 


I was the first and only one to know.  We have this infertility connection that no one in the family understands.  Yes, I have three kids, but I am still infertile.  And now, the last one of my siblings, who waited to get pregnant, cannot.  And to get the final news on her birthday?!  Fucking (yep, I'm using this nasty word) slap in the face.  

She knows they have options, but right now those options are buried deep in the ground, and all they see is pain and heartache.  I wish I could make it all go away or do something to help ease her pain.....


  1. Absolutely heartbreaking. I hate that people that truly deserve to have children cannot. Life is so unfair sometimes.

  2. So very sad for them. Life can be cruel and unfair.

  3. Geez Carrie, I am so sad to hear this. It must be as difficult for you knowing the journey they are up against. I hate, hate, hate the unfairness of it all.

  4. that is horrible news. i'm so sorry for them.


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