Thursday, June 23, 2011


The girls like to choose their form of pajamas:  nightgowns or shorts, and then my OCD self will only allow them to have the top pair of the chosen form. 

Addyson was in the tub while daddy bathed her (he is in charge of baths 98% of the time - hallelujah!)

Mommy:  "Addyson, what type of pajamas do you want?  Nightgown or shorts?"
Addy:  "Ummm...daddy, what are you going to wear?"
Daddy:  "Pajamas."
Addy:  "A nightgown or shorts, daddy?"
Daddy:  "Shorts."
Addy:  "Daddy, will you wear a nightgown?" 
Mommy:  "Addyson, daddy's don't wear nightgowns, that would be silly."
Addy:  "Ok, then shorts."


  1. So cute =) I love the way their little minds work!

  2. So sweet :)

    Allison has to do whatever Lauren does. She had to have the same snack, the same type of clothes, etc. etc. etc. etc.


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