Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - too long

  • Addy has slept part of the evening in Grandma's bed every single night since she has been there.  One night involved the scare of a bug, and the past two evenings they have had some crazy storms.  
  • I miss her terribly, and I suck at this whole letting your child have some fun without you.  
  • She only had one evening of sobbing for mommy due to being overtired and stimulated.  I begged to come and meet my mom sooner than she had planned, but she is refusing.  She said, "One full week, she is fine.  Enjoy the break."  But, I don't.  I miss her.  
  • Got rid of the "monkey diapers" and transitioned to pull-ups for Eligh.  He now says, "Mom, I'm cold!!!"  Daddy is going to attempt potty training boot camp this upcoming week as he is off most of the week.  He did have three successful trips to the bathroom this week, so he is showing signs and we are going to run with it. 
  • Cody moved the treadmill in the garage so it is facing the middle of the garage vs the wall, after several hints, and now I can run and work out while the kids play in the garage.  It's working with just the twins, and hopefully it will work when Addy is back.  
  • Kinsley misses her Addy and will only go to sleep at night if we leave her door open until she closes her eyes (which is super fast compared to when the two of them are in the room together).  
  • Eligh is doing this annoying horse sputtering nose with his lips.  I want to staple his lips together so he quits.  
  • I have convinced my younger sister to ride back with my mom and Addy and come stay with us for a while.  
  • We went to a children's museum with the twins on the way back from the switcheroo and this particularly awesome museum is free until September for military members.  SWEEEEET!
  • The twins convinced me to buy, "Ohme-o, Ohme-o." ("Gnomeo and Juliet") this afternoon.  Their singing of this song was too cute not to give in.  
  • I'm having a yard sale tomorrow and hoping to get rid of a crap ton of toys and clothes and make a little money.  Report back soon. 
To see what others are bringing tonight, stop by Danifred


  1. Good luck with the yard sale...and the horse sputtering!

    I was wondering what your FB stat was about...thought maybe you were getting a puppy or something dumb like that!

  2. Good luck with your yard sale! I used to have those before I moved to the middle of nowhere. Now, I pretty much either donate stuff or give it to friends and occassionally list stuff on

    Good luck with the potty training too! I hope C has a lot of patience! Potty training almost drove me to drink.

  3. Good luck with the sale! We're having a community garage sale as well and I really hope to get rid of some of our clutter!'s already loaded in the truck and it's NOT coming back in so I guess I should say I hope we make some money cause if it doesn't sell, it's getting donated.

  4. I bet you've been missing Addy like crazy. Hope your sale was a huge success :)


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