Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - complicated

  •  This week Addy had dance camp and of course Kinsley wants to be a ballerina, too.  I'm looking into driving 20 minutes or so to get them both enrolled in August, this wait list crap is pissing me off.  
  • I also looked into gymnastics for the girls, wait list for Addy no wait for Kinsley.  Fricketyfrack.  Plus, if I put Kinsley in gymnastics I would have to assist her, which is impossible with two other kiddos in tow.  
  • My sister is still being a bump on a log and has no interest in much of anything.  You want to do something?  I don't care, or whatever.  Not really an answer.  
  • Going to see a movie tonight or tomorrow with her depending on when Cody gets home from work.  
  • Cody is taking Eligh to see the new Cars movie as a reward for being potty trained.  
  • Addy is insisting that us girls do something fun while the boys are at the movies, but I don't know what yet.  
  • This new class is going to kick my butt and I am going to be visiting family for a week or so and will want to do absolutely nothing but am going to be in the middle of a big project while up there.  Sucketh. 
  • I went to the doctor this week to inquire about a couple things, and now await referrals for a dermatologist and neurologist.  
  • On a good note, I worked out at home the past two days and the foot pain is gone, and I hope this steroid shot lasts a while.  
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  1. What movie are you going to see? I tried to see Bridesmaids with a girlfriend last weekend and we were 20 minutes early and it was already sold out!

  2. Yay for Eligh! I hope he enjoys the movie.
    Waiting lists stink!
    I hope your sister gets an opinion and you have a nice time at the movie.

    Missed you!

  3. I hate going to the doctor and having to go see more doctors...ugh!

    Sorry about your sister...she needs a good shaking, huh?


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