Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to wash a car according to my monkeys

1. Put on your swimsuit

2.  Have your own clean rag 

3.  Sprint around the vehicle as fast as you can

4.  Repeat this several times

5.  Decide the van is too large and move on to smaller vehicles

6.  If you are dripping from head to toe in water, you have mastered "how to wash a car."


  1. Adorable! I especially like the running "action shot!" :)

  2. Thank you kiddos for the car washing lesson. Living on a dirt road, it pretty much is a waste of time to wash my car, but I do try to do it every once in a while. Well, I actually have my husband do it, so I shall show him these instructions!

  3. I love this series of pictures. Truly awesome!


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