Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Addy is home and my younger sister is here this week.  It has taken my sister three days for her to finally play with the monkeys.  It bothers me.  When I ask her if there is something she wants to do her response is, "I don't care."  How about a damn opinion?  
  • Eligh has been wearing underwear all week and has had two days of no accidents.  He is wearing pull-ups at nap and bedtime and I am a-ok with that.  
  • The part about training a boy, in my opinion, is figuring out to sit or stand and the whole aim issue.  We chose sitting and will address standing when he gets a little taller.  
  • I had a bone scan appointment scheduled for Wednesday and my follow-up appointment for today.  Idiots schedule the appointment wrong and were going to make me wait another week, which would have been two (as my doc is going to be gone next week).  I made it very clear how pissed off I was that their mistake would cause me to have to be in pain even more. 
  • Today, I got to go to the hospital three different times, but it all got taken care of.  Results - some type of ligament strain or tare, but no way to really know without some trial and error.  Anywho, I got to choose a steroid shot or a cast, I went with the shot.  I thought it worked, but I believe I was wrong.  I will give it another day or two to see if the pain is from the shot itself or if it is still the annoying pain I've had.  This simply sucks and I'm tired of it.  
  • While I was there my blood pressure was ridiculously high and she wants me monitoring it three times a day to make sure it is something else I need to be concerned with.  FML.
  • Kinsley has started putting her hands on her hips when talking in a new attitude forming, but seriously cute manner. 
  • I stared my next class with school this week and had no access for two whole days due to their own technical difficulties, which is making me feel overwhelmed.  
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  1. Jealous about the potty training success. Still struggling over here. My boy is a stubborn one, I tell you.

    Hope the shot does its thing by tomorrow and you can avoid the cast.

    Good luck with school!

  2. Yay for 2 days of no accidents! And when we really start to focus on potty training with Hunter, we are going to have him sit on the potty to pee also...he's too short right now to stand and pee plus i know he won't understand to hold and aim, yet. ;-)

    I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain and the damn dr office screwed up your time. That sucks! I'd be pissed too!

    April (Thoughts in my Tumultuous Brain)

  3. Gal, you and your poor foot---I don't know how you manage to hobble around after 3 little ones all day with such pain!

    Yay for Eligh and potty-training!


  4. Hands on hips = exceedingly adorable old is she? If she's in her teen years, it's totally normal behavior. You should call a "unplugged day" and have no TV, phone, or computer (if you can stand it). They're all the same...once day our sweet little children will be the same way.


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