Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dragon hunting

The most recent imagination scene at our house:

Two tents are set up in the toy room, mommy and daddy are sitting in the living room after cleaning up from dinner.  

Feet come stampeding into the living room with shouting:"Oh no, there's a dragon!  Save us Eligh Daddy.  Save us!"

Eligh whips out his play gun and shoots at an imaginary dragon. 

Addyson and Kinsley are on the floor under my feet, shouting, "Mommy save us!  Pull us up from the water.  Please, save us!"  

I pull on their little arms and up they come out of the water sucking in air. 

Off they run back to the toy room....


  1. LOVE it, especially with big, strong Eligh saving the day for his sisters!

  2. Makes me miss being a kid! So cute!


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