Sunday, July 17, 2011

When potty trained children sucks, part 25

  • At the dinner table my children take turns going to the bathroom, especially the twins.  I gave them the threat tonight that if they continue to go to the bathroom 50 times during dinner, I'll just throw their food away.  (Yes, I said that, I was just a tad bit annoyed)
  • Nap and bed time now includes 33 bathroom trips before finally settling down. 
  • We have three bathrooms, but the three of them still fight over the bathrooms. 
  • I am still having to assist Kinsley with retrieving toilet paper and wiping her arse.  If I take too long to get to her she will grab half the roll or not wipe at all and I later find shit stains in her panties. 
  • I am always in the middle of doing something and here comes Eligh with his pants/underwear either in hand or at his ankles.  He really needs to learn how to pull up his bottoms.
I know this is all better than changing diapers and much more cost-effective, but it is still quite a bit of work with these three monkeys and their little "potty games."


  1. Catching up...

    --YAY to you, Cody, and Kiddos...3 potty trained. WOW!

    --Can't believe your new home is so settled already---decor, curtains, guys are amazing!

    --Addy is quite the fisherwoman, I'm impressed!

    --Sounds like your vacation with the grandparents was wonderful. :)

  2. Potty training definitely sucks. I totally understand your frustration.

  3. Haha...Matt can't pull his damn pants up either. I have half a mind to just let him run around pantsless!

    What about dining out? They need to see every restroom numerous times!! Arggghhhhhh...


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