Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Addy is off the wait list and heading to dance class in just a couple of weeks for the year.  I was waiting for the end of the week to decide if I would have to take her 30 mins away and pay $10 more.  Relief and excitement. 
  • Cody has been home quite a bit this week and when he isn't here in the morning Eligh makes a super angry face when he wakes up and declares, "Daddy is home, he is NOT at work."  Then, he inspects the house and the girls tell him that daddy IS at work.  He is attached. 
  • We have gone to the pool every day this week, and we are declaring no pool today.  We all need at least a day away from the pool (or at least that is what I am trying to tell them).
  • Do NOT watch "Rango."  Inappropriate, some bad language (hell and damn), cartoons should not have any foul language in my opinion.  
  • I used the treadmill this week three times along with other exercises and it has been great having it near a tv.  I can catch up on my shows, workout, all while the kiddos are playing in another room.  
  • Cody is definitely heading to some training for six weeks all around the time school starts up.  I know the monkeys are going to be maaaad. 
  • I ordered Addy a backpack and picked up some school supplies.  Sigh.  It is going to happen, she is going to be leaving me.  
  • Eligh and napping/not napping is driving me batty.  He can go a couple of days and nap with no problem and then days like today, I have to sit on his bed and wait until he is asleep before leaving and having some rest time for myself.  
  • All of the pictures are finally up and in place.  It is now "home". 
As always stop by our host, Danifred, to see what others are bringing to the table and to tell her congrats on her pregnancy, and send a little prayer that things continue to go well for her and the baby.  


  1. Here from FNL...glad you've gotten settled in to the new place.

    Erratic napping schedules can be such a pain.

    I've been avoiding the pool for a couple of days because we will be at the pool every weekday next week for 3 hours.

  2. Stopping in from FNL- you have a set of cuties on your hand! Would love to have free pools so close- I promise I would wear appropriate swim attire! :-)

  3. the whole napping thing is getting to me too! While away on vacation K napped like crap, since being back she has like 4 days of great naps then 2 days of none or really short (today was less than 15 mins-and that was after I had to hold/bounce/sing her to sleep!)
    glad you have been able to exercise, know you have been missing it. is your foot feeling better?

  4. That's so great you take the kids to the pool every day! You are supermom...I am tired just thinking of it!

  5. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers Mama! We haven't been to the pool all week because the weather here has been so oppressive (118 with heat index). We have some serious pool time to catch up on next week.

  6. I love dance class, school supplies, and the's a sweet sweet life, huh?


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