Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A tale of the stubborn one

Ain't she cute?
I 110% agree.  

We have tried potty training Kinsley 863 times, with me ending in frustration and throwing my hands in defeat.  I know that I can't train a child that does not want to be trained, nor can I get mad at her for her stubbornness. 

About two weeks ago Cody and I decided we were going to put on our armor and head in for battle.  

A brief synopsis:
The first two days she decided that she would sit on the potty 315 times, and produce nothing.  Essentially holding it until nap time and or bedtime, but never soaking through the pullup.  How you may ask?  Because she is a clever one who decided to drink very little on those days.  
Day three we started seeing success with her using the potty at least once before and after nap.  
And then, it just spiraled into success.  After one week of being potty trained, I took her out of the house with only panties for about 30 minutes with no accidents and decided to do the same for our zoo trip.  Again, no accidents.  We had crossed the hurdle and were full speed ahead.  

Today she uses the potty on her own and yells "I did it!!!!!" upon completion.  She is still receiving m&m's and some stickers on a big piece of construction paper as her reward for going, and we will soon work on eliminating the rewards.  She also will only use the little potty when we are home, but has no problems using a big potty when are out in public.  

The best part of this all, Addyson is her biggest cheerleader and will jump up and down upon completion and just today when I was getting dressed Addyson came downstairs and said that Kinsley went potty and she took the potty, rinsed it out, and put it in the toilet.  I have NEVER EVER asked her to assist, nor do I want her to.  But, it does make me proud how much she wants to help.  


  1. Yay Kinsley! And what a great cheerleader and helper Addy is :-)

  2. Kinsley will get it, it sounds like she is really doing awesome! I haven't tried pull-ups yet, I can't understand why they are double the price of diapers!

  3. That's awesome!!! And, what a great big sister. That totally made my heart swell.

  4. thats great and a true undertaking i know! anneleise took for ever, bek was 100 percent for 4 days then fell right back into her evil ways...atty well she is my kinsley...h.a.r.d.h.e.a.d.e.d!
    if i could turn the wter off for a week we would be good but beka and atty in the bathroom is like visiting a water park daily, i get exhausted over the sheer thoughts of entering that room, these two little ones have so challenged me these last months...im sure they are trying to put me in a home!

  5. that is awesome addyson is such a big help my daughter he oldest is a huge help as well

  6. YAY K! Two down, one to go :)

    I love that A is your little helper. She is such a great daughter and big sister :)


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