Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week and weekend leftovers with a couple questions

  • Addy had her last t-ball game of the season this week.  It was actually a make up game not from rain but from excessive heat.  A few teams closed the season the week before due to the heat.  
  • I went to sign up Eligh for team soccer vs. instructional soccer and Addy up for cheer leading.  After the soccer coach brought out a ball and started kicking it around with them Addy changed her mind.  I will have Eligh and Addy both playing soccer starting next month. 
  • Kinsley has zero interest in soccer, she is the fastest of the three but gets tired and winded easily due to her asthma.  She is sticking with dance for now.  
  • Both girls will be in dance again this year, I believe they will start in September.  
  • I got the cd full of family pictures that I will be sharing this week.  So many great ones.  
  • I have really enjoyed riding my bike this week.  If I go by myself I can get it done super fast and not have to interrupt bedtime routine.  But, if a friend goes with it takes FOREVER!  I have to stop every  1/4 mile or less so she can take a break.  Really?!  
  • I took the kids to a water park one day and the public pool another day this week.  Another mom and I went with our six kids.  I can do it on my own, but it's much easier when Cody can tag along.  Eligh and Addy like to go down the slide and diving board at the pool, while Kinsley does not.  
  • Have I told you all about my Amish bread?  Do you know what it is?
  • Made some salsa for the first time today with the tomatoes from my garden.  If you make salsa, what do you put in yours?
  • If you get bored or need something to do, want to vote for the twinks?  


  1. I voted can you vote more than once?

  2. I don't know about your Amish bread.

    Last night I made mango salsa and it was tomatoes in it though, just as a side to go with pork tenderloin. I really love extra fruit in salsa though...tomatoes and peaches are good too.

    I can't workout with other people for that exact reason. I have very limited time and I like to get the biggest bang for my time. Waiting for other people just doesn't work for me!

  3. I used to try and make salsa but it never turned out exactly right. I even tried "the best" recipe on the internet. I'd love to know what makes a good salsa.


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