Thursday, July 5, 2012

Recap on the 4th - the antisocial year

This year we decided that we wanted to skip having or joining others in a picnic and just do what we as our own little family of five wanted to do and it couldn't have been any more perfect.

I woke up with a horrible migraine and severe nausea (I got up, went back to bed, and didn't come downstairs until 10 am - this has NEVER happened).  While I was dying, Cody took the kids to get doughnuts - they were ecstatic.

After lunch, we headed to the pool.  Our neighbors and one other family joined too.  To our surprise it was completely free yesterday - SCORE!  Our neighbors and friends left after the first hour.  We, stayed until they shut it down for the day - three hours.  Kids had a blast.

We bathed the kiddos, split up and conquered some quick grocery shopping.

Cody cooked steaks on the grill and I boiled some corn on the cob.

We headed to our friends house to enjoy a drink and let the kids play for about an hour and left to find a good spot for the fireworks show.

This was our first year as family going to see fireworks.  We typically put our kiddos to bed during the  fireworks, plus they do NOT like loud noises.  We were nervous.

We ended up parking a good ways away, found a PT platform (what drill sergeants stand on when yelling at the privates), put some blankets down and watched the sun set.  Cody and Kinsley went to the fair and brought back some popcorn and cotton candy.

Everyone did great with the fireworks.  Addy was the only one that covered her ears in the beginning, but we were able to get her to relax and enjoy the show.  If we would have sat closer to the action I am sure it would have been a different story.  It took us three minutes to get home and all three had fallen asleep.  They were beyond beat and actually slept in.  The twins wok up at 7:30 and Addy an hour later at 8:30.

This may be the best fourth of July we have had yet.


  1. Allison HATES loud noises. We always go to the same friends' house for BBQ and fireworks on the fourth. We are actually going to celebrate this coming Saturday this year, since the fourth was in the middle of the week, and our friends are normal working folks who are not off for the summer ;)

    It does sound like you had a perfect fourth! And, those kids are just getting cuter and cuter.

  2. I totally agree we did not even go outside because our air went out and we slept at home where it was 89 in the house. So I refused to step foot in heat again.

    We made treats all helped with dinner and had fun playing inside it had been one of the best I have had in years.

  3. Sounds a lot like our day. Very low key. It was just too flippin' hot this year, especially for the baby.


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