Monday, July 9, 2012

Beer - age three

Mommy:  "Eligh, do you like your juice?" (It was a new juice flavor)
Eligh;  "Yep, this beer is good."
Mommy:  "Eligh, it's juice, not beer."

Later in the day....
Eligh:  (pretending he was a customer at a restaurant) "Addyson, can you get me a beer, please?"
Addy:  "Yep....coming right up."
Mommy:  "Enough, with the beer!!!!"
Eligh:  "Yes, mommy."

This evening they were pretending to drink while watching a movie.  Can't have cups in the living room, so they brought in play kitchen cups and were sipping on them.
Mommy:  "Eligh, what are you drinking in your cup?"
Eligh:  "'s delicious!"

I'm screwed...........................

***I would like to add.  Cody drinks beer on the weekends every once in a while, so I have no idea where his obsession with beer has come from.  


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