Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun Activity Day

I let the kids pick out a new craft a couple of weeks ago to help on days where it is either raining or just too stinkin hot to go outside.

They have asked every single day, "Can we do our fun activities yet?"  And, I kept putting it off trying to plan a day where we had nothing planned or needed a break from all the swimming and heat.

It happened this week.  The girls woke up from naps at the same time, and I let them paint.  By the time they finished painting Eligh was up and ready for his turn.  Being a smart mommy, I only let them choose one animal from each of the boxes.

They had a blast and could not wait to hang their sun catchers in their room and their magnets on the fridge.


  1. Fun! Definitely a lot cleaner than our painting. Maybe I should send mine to your house instead of yours coming over here! ;)

  2. I love having crafts as a back up activity. Mine are still obsessed with the shrinky dinks.


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