Thursday, May 17, 2012

What filter?

Anyone have advice for teaching a three year old how to use a filter???  Eligh is the LOUDEST child I have and has absolutely no filter.  He makes comments that may be harsh for others to hear and he does not just say them quietly, he SHOUTS them out for EVERYONE to hear. 

Example from this evening while sitting at a restaurant eating dinner.  A taller slender woman gets seated at the table behind us, but directly across from Eligh's viewing.
"HEY, SHE'S BIG!!!!"

I obviously can't put tape over his mouth or even use a shock collar when out in public - seriously, who needs those stares? 

So, I'm looking for suggestions.


  1. maybe in that example, you could say "why yes she is quite tall, especially next to you since you are still quite small". it's not like she doesn't know she is tall right?

    i agree there is a fine line when it comes to kids filters, but i also believe that kids say things that frankly adults need to hear.

    i know i have a big nose, hearing a 3 or 4 yr old say it doesnt hurt my feelings. my sister is obese, hearing my daughter say she is fatter than mommy or big like snuffalufagus (sp?) cant be a surprise.

    when possible spin it to be less negative, but if you cant you cant. you can certainly discuss how feelings can be hurt, but he will learn that in time.

  2. If you find out, tell me. Yesterday Bean pointed to a store clerk, asked if she was a man or woman and then proceeded to talk about her "mustache" Mortified.


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