Monday, May 7, 2012


Do you ever feel like you are different?  Seriously, people are so different from me and our family.  Soooo different.  Our interests, parenting style, values, etc are so very, very different.  Why can't there be people like us that aren't miles and miles and MILES away?  I'm seriously thinking we are the odd ones and that everyone else is normal. 

  • We do not have to do everything together.  Whether it be the grocery store, doctor appointments, etc.  Why do so many feel they can't spend a minute apart, especially when lugging children along?  What's wrong with a little space?  
  • Whining in this house does NOT equal a toy, a special dessert, etc.  You have to earn some things in this house.  
  • Electronics and children - are not a must in this house.  Our kids do not have to have an electronic device with them every where they go, especially when enjoying the outdoors.  What happened to simply experiencing nature and simply getting outside to enjoy the weather?  
The differences make it hard at times and there are times I just need a breather.  


  1. I hear ya...every single thing that you posted!! In fact, my one friend (who I'm seeing tomorrow) does all 3 of those things!!!

  2. Yep. We should live closer. I took the kids for a walk/bike ride last night, and we were the only people outside. In a nieghborhood filled with kids, mine were the only ones outside.

  3. I'm totally with you. Bee and I talk about this all the time.


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