Thursday, May 3, 2012

Warmer weather

We have had some pretty warm days lately, like 90 degrees warm.  Ridiculous.  These kids love to be outside, so I needed a quick solution.  I found a little blow up pool that when sitting will come up to their chest (so essentially like a bath), but an adult could fit in there as well.  Any ways, it was cheap and easy.  I picked this up yesterday and they used it for hours yesterday and today.  And now I'm back to the summer pool park passes and still haven't made a decision.  I know, I suck at making decisions. 

Warmer weather means I am outside more and for longer and have ZERO motivation to do anything after we have spent hours outside.  I'm still cooking, but I change what I'm cooking because I don't want to spend time cooking it or have to rush in to cook.  Not everything is a quick dinner. 

And, the number one area that I lose motivation in is school.  I'm in my third week of my second to last class, which means I have only nine weeks left.  I should have planned this better, so I could have the entire summer to enjoy the end of school, but instead I'll be stuck digging deep to find the last bit of motivation to complete these last two classes. 

Warm weather I enjoy you oh so much, but these other tasks do not. 

How has the weather been by you? 


  1. our weather has been crap!! cold (50's), wet (rain, rain, and a little more rain), raw, grey....been a pretty shitty way to spend my first two weeks of maternity leave! but I am glad you guys are having good weather, I wish your good daytime weather didn't result in thunderstorms so frequently though! I know your kiddos don't do well with the storms.

  2. I am so enjoying the weather also my kids love it so much even the baby. I so go for the pool pass it will be worth it in the end

  3. It's been pretty warm here too. And humid, nasty humid. I hate this weather. The evenings have been great lately though.


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