Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - St. Nick

St. Nick came two nights ago and the kiddos were pleased to find their stockings full of goodies.
The child who was too excited to sleep and made this hiding near impossible

Pink, glittery boots - WOAH!

Purple boots?!  My favorite!


Eligh stumbled right out of his room.  "Mom, why is this sock in my room?"

Transformer slippers?!  He wears them every single day

Grandma and Grandpa sent goodies, too?!

This is for me?!

My Little Pony - yay!


  1. Eligh sounds like me! I've never heard of this before...your kids look like they got pretty lucky!

  2. Although I know that Tot's school did the St. Nick thing last year, I swear I didn't catch on until this year.


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