Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Cards 2011 - the ones that missed the cut

I haven't officially done Christmas cards in the past two years and the last one I did only had the kiddos on it (Cody was deployed).  This year it was not planned to happen, but when visiting family for Thanksgiving we took a couple family pictures (rare) and by golly there was one that was cute and I decided to jump on the Christmas card exchange.  They are on their way to my home to be addressed hopefully before Christmas actually arrives.

The ones that did not make it:
Eligh doing  the splits - ouch

Kinsley's fingers in her nose - classy

Wuz up face from Kinsley

Hold on before we fall over

Side smile from Kinsley and fake smile from Eligh

Big eyed Eligh and still Elvis smile from Kinsley


Eligh, "Just one more!"

And, we lost one


  1. Next year, I swear I'm doing an outtakes card. They are always so funny!

  2. Still a beautiful family, silly smiles/fake smiles/big eyes and all!


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