Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - decorating complete

  • This week involved quite a bit of health crap and next week looks to be the same with an appointment for me, Kinsley, and Eligh. 
  • We have some outside lights on the house, but are missing icicle lights as the three out of four are busted and after checking out the prices, I'm just too cheap to buy them at full price this year. 
  • We still have our inflatable snowman and giant military Santa, rope lights decorating the kids' play house, rope lights around the garden, light up gifts, couple signs, and light up greenery going up the posts. 
  • I think it is just fine how it is.
  • I'm anxious to see how the twins' three year pics turned out, should be any day now.
  • I had to pull out my winter pjs and two extra blankets for my side of the bed as Cody is going to freeze me out.  (Don't worry kids are on a completely different heating system.)
  • I need to do inventory of toys and see who still needs a toy or two.
  • Site to store option is indeed free, but here I had to wait well over an hour because they had one person working.  She had to go dig in trailers to find everyone's stuff one by one.  There needs to be a better system.
  • I have all these ideas I "want" to do before Xmas and I doubt I'll get to them all.  All you crafty people need to stop making me look bad. 
Stop by Danifred, our lovely host, she needs some ideas on getting static out of clothes.


  1. ALL of you Christmas type-A folks are making me look bad. We did manage to get the tree up last weekend and Frank put a string of lights up on the front of the house, but that's about the extent of our holiday prep thus far. I haven't even bought a single gift yet.

    You guys get well. Too much of the sickies are slamming you all. xoxo

  2. We pulled out all of the gifts we bought to take inventory this week. Tot has more than Bean, but she also needs more than Bean (who sadly gets all the hand me downs). Thankfully, I think we are DONE with shopping for the girls.


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