Thursday, December 29, 2011

Probably the last attempt

It has been four years since Cody and I have seen his dad. Which means he has never met he twins. We have driven 16 hours and six hours to visit and always leave without even an attempt made from him. You may ask why don't we travel to his house, an there are reasons. One, he is a chain smoker in the home, lives in the city in a small apartment which is definitely not chil friendly.

Before this visit, Cody's family decided that we would all meet at a pizza place that they use to frequent. EVERYONE agreed.

We arrive along with the grandpa, aunt, and one cousin. Cody had to leave and run his grandpa home so I stayed with the kids, aunt, and cousin. The one sister arrives with her husband and son and we wait.

Cody and grandpa return and he informs us that he called his dad and he tried to come up with a lame excuse why he wasn't coming. It was a wasted breath.

To my kids,
You are amazing, beautiful inside and out and you are NOT the reason for your other grandfather not meeting you. Your father and I have tried, and that is all we can do. You are loved by your family and friends. If you never meet your grandfather it is HE who is missing out, not you.

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  1. He is most definitely missing out. Most definitely.


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