Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve - a little empty

Christmas Eve used to be so much more than it is today.  For 24 years, my family (brother, two sisters, and my parents) went to my grandma's (mom's mom) house to celebrate with her.  My grandfather died when I was in second grade, so it was mostly just my grandma.  I used to wait around all day in anticipating to go to her house, begging my parents to go sooner.  She always made some type of roast with more sides than you can imagine, along with one of my favorite desserts of all time church windows (a log of chocolate with colored marshmallows rolled in it - I will make it and post some day).  After dinner we would open gifts in her family room and enjoy each other's company.  It was always extremely late when we got back home.  My dad yawned throughout "The Night Before Christmas," but always trudged on.  We left our cookies and milk for Santa and headed upstairs to attempt sleep. 

Christmas Eve, since my grandma's death over five years ago, just does not feel as special. 


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