Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tell me Tuesday

I'm stealing this from here

What are your favorite or must have holiday foods?

Mine are the following:
1.  Chocolate krinkle cookies
2.  Anything mint
3.  Home made prune coffee cake
4.  Pumpkin roll
5.  Church windows (haven't had these in 4 years - sigh)


  1. Tamales as Christmas Eve dinner!

  2. I was totally going to add this to my post today but thought I'd do another one next week.

    Whipped shortbread, nanaimo bars, eggnog, butterscotch confetti and fudge.

  3. I'm not a big sweets person, but I like all things savory. I think my favorite are the oysters that Bee's grandmother always makes on Christmas.

  4. Anything seafood-y. I love crab dip, shrimp with good cocktail sauce, and lobster around the holidays. I don't even know why I love all of this stuff, but I do.

  5. I totally agree with anything mint! :) What are church windows?


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