Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ouch, that hurt

This is what I planned to do this morning:
  • Run/workout (clothes were sitting on the dresser shouting at me)
  • Clean the house 
  • Shower
  • Tend to the children in between it all acting as a referee, cook, retrieving crafts
This is how my morning actually played out:
  • 5:52 -Text from hubby "Sirens are going off"
  • Wake up, notice it is orange out, but no rain.  Respond back, "It's not even raining."
  • See a missed text alert from weather station of severe thunderstorm warning. 
  • 5:54 - Text from hubby "Sirens stopped."  WTH?!
  • 5:58 - Starts storming. 
  • 6:02 - Addy comes to the door crying, "I'm scared."  
  • Tell her to come into bed with me and roll over. 
  • 6:35 Kinsley is crying hysterically "Mommy!"  She goes downstairs searching for me, and I'm too tired to get up, but finally emerges upstairs and she too, gets in the bed. 
  • 6:45 Decide these two girls are NOT going to go back to bed and decide to head downstairs.  
  • Make the girls breakfast, put on a movie (as it is still storming)
  • Catch up on some trashy shows, drink some coffee, eat some cereal
  • 8:03 - Eligh wakes up.  
  • I notice some blue bits of paper on his leg from his book.  WTH?  Realize he has NO diaper on (thanks hubby) and has wet the bed. 
  • Get E out of bed, strip him down, and give him a quick bath
  • 8:15 - get Eligh some breakfast and go back upstairs to strip his bed and remake the bed.  Put the sheets in the washing machine 
  • 8:45 - start cleaning the downstairs.
  • 9:25 - I'm using the nozzle of the vacuum on the stairs and trying to move the hose and out of no where it slaps me in the mouth.  Leaving me with a bloody, swollen lip
  • 11:00 house is cleaned from top to bottom, I have a fat lip, and it's already time to make lunches.  
Does cleaning the house count as working out?  Just say it does, ok?  


  1. It TOTALLY does...I know I work up a sweat when I do it!

  2. It totally counts, ESPECIALLY on a morning like that!

  3. certainly counts as working out! Ugh...what a morning!

  4. I always count cleaning as a workout! Sorry that your morning was so crappy.


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