Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Last weekend my parents made a stop on their way back from their vacation and the kids, my mom, and I went to an indoor play place for 3 hours!  I loved not sitting outside for once and dripping.  
  • I finally got into the dentist after too long (too embarrassed to mention).  I was more than a little afraid, especially after the vacuum incident.  I am happy to report that at 28 years old I still do not have any cavities, but I do have to have two minor fillings due to the shape of two of them.  Yes, I will be freaking out come next week.  
  • Oh, and the dentist was trying to push me to get my wisdom teeth out, when they are not bothering me and only one is even showing.  Plus it would cost a few $100 out of my pocket and require me to be put to sleep.  Hell to the NO!
  • I remembered Addy's dance class this week and have set my reminders. 
  • Since we play outdoors a lot, one of our two neighbors has been ringing our doorbell to ask my three to play.  My kids do NOT go outside unsupervised for one thing, and lately every time she asks it is in the middle of meal time or nap time.  I am thankful that school has started up so we only get bothered once a day now. 
  • Cody took the kids by himself and walked to the spray park the other day.  I met them there an hour later and we decided to see how hard the trail was to Addy's school.  We walked for over an hour, and the way up was all up hill and the way we took back was both up and down hill.  Looks like we will be driving her to school. 
  • This morning we had open house and as I pulled into the parking lot the tears already started.  Monday is going to suck.  
Stop by our lovely host, Danifred, who is having a fabulous vacation and see what others are bringing this week.  


  1. Monday already?! I will be thinking of you Monday morning. You'll be strong, I know!

    I just got the last 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled at the beginning of summer. It was not fun. BUT I'm done.

  2. That's a very long walk, especially with small children. I vote for driving as well.

    Yay for no cavities! But boo for having to have fillings anyway :(

    I can't believe A starts school Monday. How did our babies get so big already???

  3. Here from FNL...

    Glad your dentist visit wasn't that bad.

    Hope school Monday is better than it looks like it's going to be.

    Our school starts on the 25th. My oldest starts high school and my baby starts kindergarten. It's blowing my mind.

  4. I hate the dentist, but Husband makes me go regularly...sucka.

    Yay for dance class!!!

  5. Monday will be great! Fingers crossed for you! Is she excited?

  6. I am SO overdue to go to the dentist. I hate it. HATE it!
    Thinking of you tonight Mama.


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