Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - mealtime

  • This week has been unproductive
  • I have had three migraines this week alone and needed to send C out the other morning to pick up my prescription while I suffered. 
  • Meal time is driving me bonkers with Miss Chatterbox.  If I could find a way to duct tape her mouth but also get her to eat at the same time I would (just kidding). It takes the girl an hour to eat a damn sandwich. 
  • Speaking of eating, Eligh has to be going through a growth spurt as he is eating two whole sandwiches at lunch the past few days and asking for seconds of his proteins at dinner.  This is the boy who typically eats the bare minimum.  
  • I only got in one workout this week, ONE!  
  • I am cheering both in the inside and outside for the rain we have had the past two days.  I am all for taking a day or two break from the pool and the outdoors.  
  • Finally, Scentsy is about to switch over from spring to fall, and there are loads of items on sale for 10% off and this goes on for the entire month of August.  Just click over and browse, you know you want to.
Go check out what others are bringing to the table this week from our host, Danifred.  


  1. One is better than none, right?! And who could work out through a migraine? Not even Jillian Michaels!

  2. Stopping by from FNL -- I LOVE Scentsy, but I swear I am the only person excited about fall scents.. they are my absolute favorites!

  3. The girls make me nuts at mealtime. They talk non-stop, laugh at nothing and don't eat. It makes for a very, very long winter.

  4. How about dinner? Where did WINTER come from ?????

  5. Ugh...give yourself a break and rev up for next week. I'd just try to forget about this one (except for E eating like a fiend...that's pretty great)!


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