Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day - snow day

The hubby and I have not celebrated Valentine's Day or some of the other cheesy Hallmark holidays since before we married, and it will not change.  

We do, though, do a little something for the kids.  This year it was all about some new tubs of Play Doh.  And, since we are on day two of a snow day (which was called last night and was not necessary as the snow is melted and we are now left with mud), we started our morning off with some Play Doh


I am excited for Addy to experience her very first school Valentine's Day party, even if it is a day late.  She will be bringing in her premade box (she added her name and stickers), cards to share (she addressed them all), heart shaped cupcakes she decorated, and heart shaped crayons for each of her classmates.  



  1. I hope she had so much fun. I know our girls thought it was the best day ever.


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