Saturday, February 25, 2012

House cleaning

  • Who cleans your house?  
  • How often? 
  • Do you have a schedule?

Who cleans my house? 
I do the majority of the major cleaning as I'm home.  I dust, vacuum, scrub bathrooms, clean floors, laundry, etc.  If I put it off for a weekend or day when hubby is home he will help as long as I give him a list of things I want him to do.  He isn't one to just get up and scrub the bathrooms because they need it, but if I ask him to he will.  

How often?
I do the major cleaning once a week:  bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming.  

Do I have a schedule?
I just make sure it gets done sometime in the week.  But, it is always done in the morning, because afternoons tend to be for activities with the kiddos. 

Feel like answering some questions?  Join in.  Have a question you want answered, ask it. 


  1. Who cleans your house?  Generally I do all the scrubbing. but because T is the primary at home parent he takes care of the dishes and bathrooms pretty regularly. When I give him a list of other chores he takes care of them too. Things he NEVER does: laundry, groceries, tubs. Otherwise everything is fair game.
    How often? Dishes daily, bathrooms weekly, laundry 2 days a week. Other stuff when I get a chance!
    Do you have a schedule?

  2. it wouldn't let me type "do you have a schedule". Nah we do things when we can. My at home time is so limited that since K was born I have learned to living among some clutter. i have to weigh the importance of the chore against being able to play with the kiddo.

  3. I clean the house. I feel like it's my job since I stay home full time. Everything gets cleaned at least once a week, some things are more often (like vacuuming). I do have a schedule...with the girls still being quite young and not able for long periods of independent play, I find it works best that I do 1-2 things every weekday instead of a full big cleaning day once a week. I like to keep the weekends open for family no cleaning those days but I do catch up on laundry those days.

  4. We have a cleaning service come every 5 weeks or so and both Bee and I clean in between. Lately, nothing is clean and it's making me nuts.

  5. Typically the "big" stuff is done on the weekends (dusting, vacuuming, etc). With only being around on the evenings during the week, it's limited to keeping the general rooms clean and "must do" laundry. Emphasis on the kitchen. I'd say I do more impromptu cleaning versus him, but it evens out with other tasks. There's not really a schedule -as long as the vacuuming gets done each weekend, at what day or time isn't really important.


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