Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have some random questions about favors, not the decoration kind.

When someone says, "I'll watch the kids for you some time, just let me know" 
  • Does that mean you should actually ask them?  
  • Does it matter how long you have known them?  
  • Should it be within a matter of a day when the suggestion was made?  
I just have to know how others feel about this, and then I'll share my scenario.  


  1. I get that comment all the time from numerous friends (new and old) but quite hinestly have never even considered one of them to actually watch my kid. The funny thing is the few people I would trust to watch her have never offered even when I have hinted around I guess I really can't answer for you :( sorry

  2. I get this offer frequently and never take anyone up on it. I just feel weird about it. Not that I don't trust people but I just feel bad for some reason about taking someone up on an offer like case they were just saying it to be nice and didn't really mean it.

  3. As you know, we have no family here. I would probably never take someone up on that offer unless it was a true emergency. And then I'd still pay them.

  4. Commented from my phone!! Woohoo!!

  5. I hear this a lot, but I never act on it. I think I would if I really trusted the person and had an established relationship with them.


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