Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend leftovers - it will have to do

This week has been INSANE!  A quick rundown of our events:

  • Addy started all day kindergarten.  Heartbreak. 
  • PTO business has required my time nearly every single day this week.  Yes, every day. 
  • Dance classes started, and we had to stop the dance performance team.  So, we are back to one night a week for dance.  Both girls, two different classes, same studio.  
  • Soccer practices = two nights a week
  • First soccer game was today.  Addy scored a goal!!!  Eligh made a couple stops as goalie - yes, my little string bean stopped some soccer balls.
  • Cardiologist appointment location was wrong (blame insurance company for giving me a number that did not match the actual location).  Rescheduled for next week.  
  • I am most proud of myself for having a home cooked meal planned, prepared, and eaten by each of us (even if at different times and or locations) this entire week.  It can be done, just takes quite a bit of planning.  
  • I need to discuss Addy's first week of school and all that we have learned thus far.  
  • Before I can get to all that, the twins turn FOUR on Monday!!!!  
  • Two back to back weeks of an emotional roller coaster for this overly, sensitive mommy.  

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