Thursday, September 27, 2012

Twins versus singleton

For the past few years, Kinsley and Eligh really did not understand the concept of  twin.  Addyson called them twins, and we used to call them the babies, but had to graduate to twins or simply their names (more times than not, it is simply their individual name).  Out of the blue right before the twins turned four, they started asking me why they had the same birthday.  In which, each and every time Addy would explain to them that they are twins.  Eventually, jabberjaws would let me have a turn to share with Kinsley and Eligh that they were in mommy's belly at the same time while Addy was all by herself and that being a twin is a very special gift.

Eligh:  "Mommy, will I always be a twin?"
Mommy:  "Yes, Eligh, forever."

Kinsley:  "I am four."
Eligh:  "I am four, too!"
Stranger:  "So, you two are twins?!  How neat!"
Kinsley:  "Yep!  I am a twin, Eligh's a twin, and Addyson is five and a singleton."

With all that understanding though, Kinsley and Eligh are still two very different individuals and add in the mix of an older sister by a mere 17 months, the special bond twins are supposed to have has not really been established or witnessed yet.  


  1. I sometimes forget how close the twins are in age to Addy. You are frigging supermom!!!

  2. I hear you on not seeing that special bond. Sometimes I see glimpses...but they are fleeting at best.

    Love Kinsley's last line there. :-)

  3. I love that it is starting to sink in with them. I think I've told you before- my sisters are identical twins and I NEVER saw that bond!


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