Sunday, September 9, 2012

Photo rundown of the twins' 4th birthday party

We had the twins' birthday party today (yes, a Sunday - we are not church people - sorry).  Only one of the five families we invited could not make it, so it worked out perfectly.  Plus, tomorrow is their actual birthday so why not do it one day before.
One massive cake with two very different themes - Avengers and Brave

What I learned:  
Some parents do not know how to behave when a pinata is brought into play.  


  1. That is an amazing cake! So glad you guys had a fantastic time at the party!

    Happy birthday, K and E!

  2. Happy birthday to the cuties! The cake is seriously impressive!

  3. The pictures are just awesome. They are so stinkin' cute.

  4. Your twins are so adorable. I like the close relationship between them. I hope that they remain that way even when they grow up. Anyway, their birthday cake was amazing. You made sure that both of them will love it, so you had it with two different themes. That's cool! ^^,


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