Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who is mommy?

Now that the twins are speaking sentences, paragraphs, detailed explanations, and way too many questions, there are a lot more debates to be had between the three little monkeys. 

Kinsley has this habit of going around the room announcing the names of every person.  Tonight on our drive home in blizzard conditions the following occurred:
Kinsley:  "I Kinsley, that's Ewigh, that's Adsssin, and mommy."
Addyson:  "I'm a girl, Kinsley's a girl, Eligh's a boy, and mommy is a girl too.  Right?"
Mommy:  "Yes, that is right."
Eligh:  "No, that's mommy!  She is not a girl."
Addyson and Kinsley:  "Yes, she is.  Mommy is a girl!!!!!"
Eligh:  "No, she's NOT!"
Mommy:  "Hold on, hold on.  Eligh, what is mommy?"
Eligh:  "Mommy."
Mommy:  "Eligh, mommy is a girl and mommy."
Eligh:  "No, mommy, you are mommy."
Mommy:  "Ok, Eligh, I am mommy."

Some debates need to simply be left unsettled.


  1. There could be worse things they're calling you!

    Matt woke up this morning shouting, "Daddy is the MAN!" Guess the brainwashing is paying off!

  2. What usually follows in our house is "and Daddy has a penis, and Mommy has a vagina..."


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