Monday, November 18, 2013

Two months?!

Wow, just wow....I had NO idea it has been two straight months since my last blog entry.  It can simply be explained that I have spent the last two months with my head in books, notecards, videos, and study guides prepping for my fitness exam.  I did not allow myself any free time.  If I wasn't teaching my fitness class, working out, being mom, wife, etc, I was studying.

I don't know where this blog needs to go....need to figure it out.  I have missed so many of the blogs I have followed for years and am trying to get back into it.  As well, as I have missed this place to just write.

I have taken part one of my fitness exam (I passed) and I have one more section tomorrow to take and then I can free my mind on studying and allow myself some freedom.


  1. Good job keep up the good work have been looking for you
    ..thought heck she might be in Japan by now!


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