Thursday, September 5, 2013

School year 2013 Week 1

Addyson had been pretty leery about heading off to school.  She said she just wanted to stay home with mommy and daddy, and had a couple nights here and there where she cried if we even talked about going to school.  But, the morning of her first day of 1st grade she jumped out of bed and was ready to go.  She has a new to the school teacher this year, is sitting in a desk (vs. a table), which for some reason tugged on my heart.  With one plus week under her belt, she has declared she likes first grade, she likes her teacher, and has been ready to go every single day.  Let's just hope her excitement continues.

The twins are in separate classes, and Eligh is supposed to start 15 minutes before Kinsley and end 15 minutes earlier than Kinsley.  A few days into the week the teachers have worked out a system.  Kinsley goes to Eligh's class 15 minutes early with him, and one of the teachers walks her down to her class when they start, and then Eligh goes to Kinsley's class for an extra 15 minutes at the end of the day.  Kinsley does NOT like going to Eligh's class, and we have been doing this for almost a week.  She wants to go straight to her class, and at times takes a little nudge to get her in there.  At the end of the day they are both super excited to see mommy and talk my ear off about all they have done, who they played with, what snack they had, and have developed a little competition with trying to get the best rating of the day.  Green is perfect and then it goes to blue, pink, and purple if you are just going above and beyond being good.  So far, they have both received greens or above, and both look forward to going to school each afternoon.  Just like Addyson, I hope their excitement continues as the year progresses.  


  1. Sounds like things are going well. I hope they are still excited!


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